13:30 Doctoral students Blitz Part 1

13:30 Doctoral students Blitz Part 1

Chair: Yaniv Dover, The Hebrew University

  Name Title Time
Kim Penias

Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

The Effects of Growth Mindset and Attributional Tendencies on Trust in the Food Supply Chain 13:30
martina_pocchiari Martina Pocchiari

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


The Effect of the Digitization of Community Activities on Participation Intentions:

Evidence from Meetup.com


Natalia Kononov

Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University

Doing good – Looking good: the Effect of Prosocial Behavior on Perceived Physical Beauty 13:46
andreas_c_bayerl Andreas Christian Bayerl

University of Mannheim

It’s not all about the money, but also about the vibes –

The interplay between wages and online reviews in the labor market


Chen Pundak

Tel Aviv University

The Temporal Slippery Slope: Decrease in Sequential Ratings in Online Reviews 14:02
matilde_lucheschi Matilde Lucheschi

Business School (formerly Cass), City University of London


To split or not to split? The impact of the breadth of giving on one’s morality and future donations


mayan_malter Maayan Malter

Columbia Business School

Feelings of Culpability: Just Following Orders versus Making the Decision Oneself 14:18
Güneş Biliciler

University of Texas at Austin

Let Us Learn and Do More, For Tomorrow We Shall Die: Mortality Salience Heightens Interest in Functional Activities 14:26