Small rooms’ discussions

12:30 Small rooms’ discussions


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Coby Morvinski

Ben-Gurion University

Using Data from the Field in Marketing Research Using data from the field is becoming increasingly popular in marketing research. What can (and can’t) we learn from them? Share your thoughts and experience with us.

Meeting ID: 89671198686

Yael_Steinhart Yael Steinhart

Tel-Aviv University

Can consumption counter self-threats? 

Meeting ID: 889 4101 3960

Passcode: 121637

sharon_horsky Sharon Horsky

The Hebrew University


“Brown Bag Lunch” (bring your lunch) and let’s talk research Panelists:

Oded Koenigsberg

Dan Horsky

Gil Appel

Yaniv Shani

 Meeting ID: 860 684 0314

Edith_Shalev Edith Shalev


Could rejection be better? Developing a strategy to deal with (seemingly) impossible R&Rs.

Meeting ID: 836 3428 0912

Passcode: 157136

elinor_amit Elinor Amit

Tel-Aviv University

The COVID-19 crisis and marketing research: how does the pandemic affect research in marketing?

Meeting ID: 835 6878 9011

Passcode: 6p738q

moty_amar Moty Amar

Ono College

The power of Listening to Your Customers

Meeting ID: 856 6452 5862